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According to the latest report by the commonwealth fund, almost three quarters of people who lost their jobs after the current economic collapse didnít  continue their senior life insurance and stops you to get any traditional loans and even short term loans like payday loans. They also found that these people are consequently more likely to skip required health care or prescriptions due to lack of money. As a result of cancelling health care policies these people are more likely to struggle with medical bills or medical debt in comparison to those who are carrying life insurance for Over 60 Age .
In some countries, government organisations are working to securing unemployed person from being uninsured by using different policies. For example in USA, under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act(COBRA), when people employed by companies which have over 20 employees, can keep their life insurance for up to 18 months if they lose their job. But for that they have to make a payment for the full premium. CALL Now - 877-717-2114

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